Expanding your house to another floor

House expansions could be a requirement for anyone. When children grow up they need separate rooms and sometimes when your family expands to more than just the two of you, a baby room or a nursery will have to be installed. Land area is limited throughout the world now; hence building up is the best method to increase the available floor size of a house rather than building horizontally.

Get professional help

As fun and exciting as it sounds, adding another floor is not a simple task. It is even harder if you are planning to do it while you are living in the ground floor. In addition to the noise and dust, the constant coming-and-going, construction and much more can be a reason for one to move out at least till the floor is done. That being said, a professional construction company and an architect must be consulted prior to any sort of planning or construction begins. An analysis of the slab must be done by one of the reputed formwork companies Sydney to check if it can hold another floor. It must also be inspected of there is a need for underground piers within and surrounding the perimeter. The remodeler must have a clear idea of what needs to be added further or if the existing structure suffices, to apply for the new stuff from the city permits office.

Have a financial plan

According to the remodeler’s plan you will have an idea of what must be bought anew and what sort of a construction needs to be done. It is imperative that you have a clear idea of the costs involved; if you are planning to use the savings, be vigilant as to unnecessary items are not spent on and the total amount you have is quite enough for the whole project. If you are going for a personal loan or a mortgage, try talking to several financial institutions to get the best rates and repayment periods. Most importantly, a comprehensive budget with funds dedicated to emergency needs and unforeseen circumstances must be in your hands. Do not include ballpark amounts for construction items as some items’ prices go up quickly unknownto us.

Have an idea of what you are in for

Another floor construction can cost more than adding space on the ground due to several reasons. One is demolition costs; there is breaking down of roof systems and ceilings etc. for example. Also interruption and re-working of areas such as electrical systems, plumbing and air conditioning or heating systems in the walls must be done. In addition to all this, a staircase must be built from within the house. This is not easy as it is a total structural change that wasn’t planned at the onset of building the house.

Be careful as to the cost and time when you are expanding a house. Add the cost of your family living elsewhere until the construction is over, if it comes to that. The final outcome must be advantageous to you in every way

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