How to Give Your Café a Brand New Look

You might have started your business with a bang but after a few years, you might have noticed how your logo looks discoloured, some of your machines not working as they used to, making your line of customers too long and sometimes your lighting does not work right. Even the paint on the walls and the decoration are starting to look too old. This is why you need to renovate and remodel your shop once in every few years. Here are some tips you can follow.

Check Your Machines

Your beverage making machines are the most important part of the café. Check their condition and if they are not working properly you need to either buy new machines or repair the old ones. Finding parts for espresso machines, la marzocco parts or blenders is easier and cheaper than buying new machines, so stick to repairing as much as possible. That is unless your machines are broken beyond repair. Check the functioning of your refrigeration system too.


The lights of your shop may have given the perfect ambient glow when they were first installed but with time they start to become inadequate and can make the interior of your shop depressingly dark. Fix the lighting in your shop to give it adequate lighting, on the outside of the shop, the preparation area or the kitchen and the seating or the serving area. Make your customers comfortable by allowing good lighting within the shop.


If you are renovating your coffee shop, then re-painting your walls cannot be overlooked. The paint you applied years ago probably will fade after a while, so apply either the same colour or a new colour to give the shop a vibrant look. Check the paintings and the wall art you have hung on the walls. If they too have faded over with time replace them with new decoration. Add some contemporary art pieces on your walls to match with the new interior look you are planning. Give your washed away logo a brand new look.


Check the furniture and their quality, especially in the seating area. If there are tables, chairs or stools that are worn out or broken, send them to get repaired. It is better if you can give them a new paint job too. If there are couches, check material on them and replace them if they are worn out or torn. If you are using furniture outside they should be given special attention as they tend to wear off quicker due to being exposed to weather elements.

Cutlery and Dishes

Are there enough plates, mugs, and glasses to serve your customers? Or do you have to wait till one customer finishes their meal to serve a new customer on busy days? Over time, as your business expands you need to purchase new tools and equipment to meet the requirements of new customers. Make sure you have enough cutlery and other tableware ready to be used when necessary.

Remember that you too need to change with time. Don’t let your customers see you are being inconsiderate and uninterested in maintaining your shop. The charm of your business is a combination of both a providing good service and a good and a comfortable environment for your customers.

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