How To Help The Weak Students Improve Their Academics

As a teacher, we understand that you want to help all your students. In every class, you would get students who understand concepts effortlessly. Then you also get the average students. But you would also have those weak students. These are the individuals who would hate coming to school. That is because no matter what they do they tend to struggle. Therefore when this happens it becomes your responsibility to help them.

Get The Parents Involved

Sometimes you may think that the child would benefit from some additional teaching. But you cannot make this decision by yourself. Instead what you need to do is talk to the parents. That is because ultimately they will decide whether to send the child to o level math tuition Singapore or not. Thus, that is why it is important to keep in touch with the parents. For weak students, you need to regularly let the parents know about their performance. If they are having trouble in school you also need to keep the parents in the loop. That is because when the parents are informed they would be able to offer more support at home. Furthermore, if you have any ideas on how to improve the child’s performance you can share it with the parents.

Encourage Them To Take Down Notes

A mistake that many students tend to make is that they fail to take down notes in class. That is because they all think that they can remember what the teacher said. But this is not always possible. That is because the child would be attending an array of classes daily. Thus, that is why you need to encourage them to take down notes. This way they would be able to go through the note if they find it hard to understand some concept. Furthermore, when they take down notes it would be easier for them to remember important points. Therefore from a young age encourage them to take down notes. If they are not taking down notes you need to inquire why this is so. That is because sometimes it may be because the child is finding it hard to keep up with you. In that case, you need to speak slowly to help them.

Give Them Your Time

Some time all a weak student would need to improve is some attention. Therefore try to see when you can give them some additional help. For instance, you can ask them to stay back after school for you to help with their work.

Thus, in this way you can easily improve weak student’s academic performance.


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