How To Host An Afternoon Tea Party

Many tend to think of tea parties in relation to little children. That is because tea parties are a staple in a little girl’s life when growing up. But that does not mean it is only children that can enjoy tea parties. In reality it is a grand tradition that has been embraced by the British. But now it has been passed down from country to country. Thus, it is something that you can plan and enjoy with your friends or even family. But we understand that not everyone knows how to host these parties. That is because many don’t even know how to organize them.

Select A Time

We know that we don’t have to help you in selecting a suitable date. That is because this is something that would differ from person to person. But what not differ from person to person is the time you should host this event. The most important thing for you to remember is that this is an afternoon tea. Therefore you cannot plan to host it at 5 or 6 in the evening. Instead it is recommended for one to host it between mid and late afternoon. That is because this is the time where you get hungry after lunch but it is too early for supper. Then the best way to feed your hunger is by having an afternoon tea.


When you think of afternoon teas you may automatically think of stuffy living rooms. These are rooms that are filled to the brim with various items. These are the rooms where you would sweat yourself to death instead of enjoying yourself. Thus, that is why we are advising you to host this tea party outdoors. We know that this would only be possible during the warm months but that is completely alright. If you invest in some replacement canopy cover you can not only enjoy the nature. But you also don’t have to subject yourself to the harsh glare of the sun.

Food & Drinks

As the name suggests when it comes to drinks you should only serve tea. But if you like you can have an array of flavoured teas to go along with the more traditional one. However, when it comes to food you cannot simply serve the guests chips. Instead you need to serve them bite sized savory and sweet items. This can range from finger sandwiches to scones.

As you can see from this article afternoon teas are not that complicated to plan. But you need to follow these guidelines to ensure that you would have a good time.

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