Interior Styling Ideas to Look Forward to

Style and taste do not stay the same forever, they keep changing and it is a good idea to stay abreast of what is in and what is out, especially if you are in the industry of styling or even building or decorating a new home. Let look at some of the fresh ideas taking the industry by storm.

  • Living with nature: a lot of things are taking a more environmentally friendly outlook. So keeping with this ideology many industries are looking to make use of natural resources to make things and same goes for indoor styling as well. Natural elements such as wood are used in combination with other construction material to give homes a more natural feel and comfort. Items found in the homes such as reclaimed wood or drift wood in coastal town and even pebbles and stones are used to great effect. There is also a trend of using natural elements as they are without disturbing them. Eg: a tree can be used in its place as a great indoor accent rather than cutting it down and using the wood.

  • Recycled: some of the best interior design firms in singapore are keen to use reclaimed material and other man made items in very different recycled methods. Not only does it add to the feel good factor but also gives homes very unique styling avenues and ideas.


  • Black is back: it is one of the most versatile colours and it is said to be making a big comeback with many indoor stylists opting for this colour or a combination of darker shades. Black is now widely used in furniture, home fixtures and even tiling. There are even complete walls that are painted in this dark shade. It is said to give a very cool atmosphere to homes as well. However some people think that black can make a space look smaller. However great designers know that it can be a great tool for enhancing the appearance of a space especially when it is used in combination with other colours.

  • Out with clean lines: another trend to look forward to is the edges in furniture that are rapidly changing. Gone are the days of furniture having clean cut edges and lines. The newest trend is to have smooth edges and curves in furniture and in other interior ascents.


  • No more plain ceilings: another trend that is coming fast is having decorative floors and ceilings to make a statement. No longer would they be in plain colours or tiles alone. Designers are using these as great spaces to make a statement for their clients.

These are some of the main trends to look out for in the coming years for industry experts and homeowners alike.

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