What’s New with Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation continues to be a challenge for many businesses in Australia. The algorithm for Google keeps changing to keep up with modern complications. That means your company’s strategy should change it with it as well. Here’s what you should know about doing SEO in 2018 and even beyond:

Speed is More Important for Rankings than Content

What is the most important factor that determines search rankings? The answer may surprise you: site speed. That’s right; Google now considers site speed as a major UX factor over most other things. The reason is largely the increase in mobile Googling. Mobile users don’t have the patience to let a site load. Therefore, Google now prioritises websites that can load under 2 seconds, both on desktops and mobile. Therefore, one of the biggest SEO investments you will make this year is spending money on making your site load faster.

Relevant Content is Great Content

Remember the days when it was easy to convince the Google algorithm that you are creating organic and high-quality content? Consider those days gone. Google has improved its algorithms to better determine how great a piece of content is. The algorithms can now scan your content and compare it against billions of other data points to determine quality.

Therefore, stop trying to find shortcuts using keywords to artificially give the impression of quality. Instead, really do produce high-quality content to rank higher. Quality SEO content goes hand in hand with top-notch social media content. Therefore, hire a great social media marketing agency Sydney to kill two birds with one stone.

Structured Data is Now Official

Google has formalised that the search engine would use structured data for SERP purposes in the future. For those of you who don’t know what that means, structured data is a very specific way of formatting HTML code to improve rankings, and other things. Structured data doesn’t make your site to shoot to the top per se, but it does enhance your overall SEO efforts.

Invest in Voice Search

In case if you are wondering what the future of online search would look like, imagine it as a giant speaker. As far as trends go, it seems like people will be literally speaking into search engines than type on it. Voice search is surprisingly on the rise, largely fuelled by the increased demand for voice-activates smart gadgets. In any case, you can expect voice search to be a thing in the future and prepare well in advance for the possibility.

SERP is Just Getting Real

Remember SERP? It used to refer to features of your site that can result in higher ranking on relevant queries. Well, not anymore. SERP now includes a whole package deal that comes with listings in maps, featuring bio snippets, and many more. The SERP you see today has significantly evolved from the blue hyperlinks they used to be. Because SERP is so different, brands are encouraged to track progress in-house and make changes accordingly.

The future of SEO is apparent in the tips given above. Focus on quality, locality, and emerging technology to stay on top of the optimisation trends.

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