Why Pest Inspections Are Necessary for a Home

Whether you are buying a new home or renting, it is important to conduct a pest inspection. The infestation of termites and wood borerscan not only cause severe structural damage but can affect the safety of the residents in the home. Wood begins to decay as it gets attacked by fungi that is formed under moisture and humid temperatures. As the fungi begins to grow, the wood begins to rot and break-up. Termites and wood borers are attracted to these conditions, they begin to lay eggs and spread if not treated early. They chew the wood from the inside out and can destroy the strength of the structure.

Termites and Wood Borers Can Destroy Hardwood Floors

If you notice decay, weak and damaged floorboards, tunnels in the wood, and bore dust (usually detected below the infested timber) it is time for a pest inspection and a possible treatment. If wood is left untreated, the termites and wood borers will begin to spread underneath your hardwood floors eating the wood from the inside out. You will begin to notice the strength of your hardwood floor diminishing. It is recommended that you treat your hardwood floor once a year to maintain its strength and keep pest out. Inspec Building and Pest Inspections offer speedy, reliable service that will help you to maintain the structure and safety of your home.

Provide a Safe Home

Termite and wood borer infestation can weaken timber resulting in structural failure. When timber loses its strength and support, it may collapse, seriously harming anyone in its way. If you have elderly and young children in your home, it is recommended to have your home treated regularly to avoid any serious accidents.

Can Save You Money

Structural failures due to termite and wood borer infestation can result in spending unexpected amounts of money on rebuilding and repairing. The extent of damage at times is unknown. It is better to prevent damage and treat the situation in its early stages than wait until it is too late. When it comes to termites and wood borers prevention is the best cure.

Tenants will Feel Secure Renting Your Home

When you decide to rent your home, you can reassure your tenants the safety of your home by showing them the inspection and report clearing the home of any termite and wood borer infestation. They will feel confident and safe renting a home that is well cared for.

The infestation of termites and wood borers cannot be blamed on humid weather. It is our responsibility as home owners to maintain the safety and structure of our home. A well-cared for home is a happy home providing a comfortable and safe environment for all who live in it.

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